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Celebrating a Decade of Impact: The GENKI Program of Grameen Euglena Marks Its 10th Anniversary

Celebrating a Decade of Impact: The GENKI Program of Grameen Euglena Marks Its 10th Anniversary

Press Release


Dhaka, Bangladesh, May 28, 2024 — Euglena Co., Ltd. proudly celebrated the 10th anniversary of the GENKI Program, an initiative of Grameen Euglena a joint venture between Euglena Co., Ltd. of Japan and Grameen Krishi foundation, dedicated to improving the nutritional wellbeing of children in Bangladesh. The event, held at Telecom Bhaban, Mirpur-1, Dhaka, brought together esteemed partners, children, and distinguished guests to commemorate this significant milestone.


The Program was chaired by Mr. Mitsuru Izumo, President and Founder of Euglena Co., Ltd. Professor Muhammad Yunus, the Nobel Laureate, was chief guest of this Program. His Excellency Mr. Kiminori Iwama, Honorable Ambassador, Embassy of Japan in Bangladesh attended as special guest of this Event. The chief of JICA and JETRO were present at the ceremony. 


The program schedule for the GENKI 10th Anniversary Celebration was designed to engage and inspire attendees throughout the day. It began with a warm welcome and unveiling of the program's new logo, followed by a screening of a video highlighting the program's achievements. Attendees were treated to a patriotic song performance before proceeding to sessions featuring keynote addresses, cultural performances like song and dance by the GENKI students that made the program more colorful, and storytelling sessions. A tea networking session provided opportunities for interaction and collaboration. The event concluded with distribution of printed publications and a delightful lunch, fostering connections and celebrating the program's impactful journey over the past decade. The Program featured a Puppet Show, which described about GENKI Program and entertained the children describing the social context of Bangladesh. 


His Excellency Mr. Kiminori Iwama, Ambassador of Japan to Bangladesh, was also impressed by this Celebration program and achievements of the GENKI Program. He highlighted his sincere thanks to support Japan disaster in 2011 & 2024 and heartful congregations to Mitsuru Izumo, Euglena Corporation and Grameen Euglena for their continuous support. He mentioned that GENKI program not only improved children's nutrition but also improved school attendance and concentration on education. Besides GENKI Program he notably mentioned the activities of the Euglena Group, Grameen Euglena collaboration with WFP, support to the Rohingya people with involvement of Japan Government, WFP and the Euglena Group and Grameen Euglena.


Professor Muhammad Yunus delivered a remarkable speech in which he mentioned about Mr. Mitsuru Izumo's Journey and struggle to discover a microalgae, called euglena, establishment of Euglena Co., LTD, and launch of the GENKI Program in Bangladesh. He also said "This is not a story, it’s a story of commitment, story of dedication and the story of recognition.” He talked about the vision of the Three Zeros and to create a “A Zero Waste Generation”, and emphasized to make sure a self-control system by embracing the roles of Three Zero Persons and creating Three Zero Clubs. Young people can make a significant impact by adhering to the 4-Rs: Reject, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. He asked to reimagine our consumption patterns, reduce our carbon footprint and strive for a world where waste is minimized, resources are utilized efficiently, and where everyone can thrive. 


Mr. Mitsuru Izumo, President and Founder of Euglena Co., Ltd. shared the company journey and talked about his own journey and reiterated his commitment to continue his support in Bangladesh. Euglena Co., Ltd., inspired by Mr. Mitsuru Izumo’s visit to Bangladesh in 1998, was established with a vision to address nutritional deficiencies. Witnessing the plight of malnourished children, Mr. Izumo developed Euglena, a microalgae rich in essential nutrients, and established Euglena Co., Ltd. in August 2005. Since then, the company has been at the forefront of innovation, including pioneering the world's first bio jet fuel.


Initiated in April 2014, the GENKI Program has distributed over 17 million packets of nutritious Euglena cookies to underprivileged school children across Bangladesh. Under the guidance of Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus, the program has flourished, significantly addressing nutritional deficiencies and bringing joy to thousands of children.


The event underscored the significant impact of the GENKI Program over the past decade and highlighted future endeavors to further address the nutritional challenges faced by children in Bangladesh. The event was highly appreciated by all participants, including Dr. Yunus and Mr. Izumo. 


The Program reiterated its commitment to continue this meaningful work.

Caption for Photo 1: Professor Muhammad Yunus give speech on the occasion  

Caption for Photo 2: Professor Muhammad Yunus   & Mitsuru Izumo group photo with students

Glimpse of Some Cultural Performance.