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Dear Friend,

Welcome to the Yunus Centre website.  The Yunus Centre is dedicated to work towards creating a poverty free world. We invite you to join us, in whatever capacity you can, to make our dream come true. You can give your ideas, and suggestions, devote your time as a volunteer, as an intern, undertake action programmes, and encourage your friends to joint us in our mission. I am absolutely sure we can change the world, if we want it seriously enough, and work for it.

In concrete terms, the Yunus Centre will be the hub of all of our global activities around social businesses, including microcredit, healthcare and environment. This website is created to inter-connect all the initiatives taken in various countries within various structural formats, such as, Institutes of Social Business, Grameen Creative Labs, Yunus Centres, Yunus Chairs, Social Business Chairs, Social Action Groups, Social Business Design Centres, Social Business Funds, microcredit initiatives, healthcare initiatives, environmental initiatives, etc.

Ultimate goal of the Yunus Centre will be to create poverty museums, after bringing an end to poverty in each area --- in villages, cities, counties, provinces, and countries, especially engaging the youth of the villages, cities, and countries.

I invite you to join us in this exciting journey. If we take the first step today, and continue to take more steps, we'll get there.

-Muhammad Yunus