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Microfinance Not the Only Way to End Poverty: Dr Yunus

Microfinance Not the Only Way to End Poverty: Dr Yunus

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Dr. Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Laureate 2006 and Founder of Grameen Bank was interviewed during the recently held Sa-Dhan`s National Microfinance conference. During the talk with “Microfinance Focus”, He expressed his opinion on various

VIKASH KUMAR publisher and Editor in Chief of The Microfinance Focus Magazine recently returned from the prestigious Sa-dhan National Microfinance Conference 2009 where Kumar was granted an exclusive interview with Dr Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Laureate and President of The Grameen Bank of Bangladesh. Dr Yunus, the avowed father if modern microfinance received the Nobel Prize for Peace in 2006. The prize was co awarded in association with the Bank. The Grameen Bank is owned by its depositors. The total amount of loan disbursed by Grameen Bank, since inception, is Tk 431.67 billion (US $ 7.78 billion).

Dr Yunus was interviewed during the conference. In response to Microfinance Focus’s question about poverty elimination, the Laureate responded, “Nobody says it (Microfinance) is the only solution. Human beings are very multidimensional. Microfinance is one of the many, many things”.

In response to another question about the magazine Dr Yunus expressed his approval of the “best practices,” sharing policy that is part of Microfinance Focus Magazine’s editorial plan. Dr Yunus noted that the developed countries caused this crisis and had a responsibility to ease its impact on the poor. He suggested that 10 per cent of the so called, “bail out” funds should go to poorer counties.

Furthermore, Dr Yunus spoke to the larger social issues of social responsibility, living a just, non-invasive life and though potential power of social capital businesses. To read the full text of the interview goes to our website at microfinancefocus.com and click on “Live blog”.

Microfinance Focus Magazine is a global publication with in depth coverage of the field of Microfinance and Sustainable Development. The Magazine has offices in Bangalore (India) and the US (Washington, DC and New York). Other staff members attending the prestigious conference were Christina Weichselbaumer, Dr N Jeyaseelan and Ayesha.

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