WHO Special Global Health Commission Report Submitted to UN Secretary General at UN Headquarters: Yunus's Social Business Highlighted

Press Release (21 September, 2016)

Photo Caption: The High-Level WHO Commission for Health Employment and Economic Growth presented the final report to the United Nations Secretary General, Mr Ban Ki Moon at the United Nations Head Quarters on 20 September . Seen in the photo, top row from right to left: Commissioners Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, President of South Africa; Ms Susana Malcorra, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Argentina; Mr George K Werner, Minister of Education, Liberia; Dr Alaa Murabit, Founder of The Libyan Voice ; Dr Judith Shamian, President of the International Council of Nurses; Prof. Muhammad 2006 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate; Ms Rosa Pavanelli, General-Secretary of Public Services International and Herman Gröhe, Federal Minister of Health, Germany.

Bottom row from right to left: co-vice chair, Mr Guy Ryder, Director-General, International Labour Organization(ILO);  H.E. Mr Jacob Zuma, President of South Africa,, Dr Margaret Chan, Director-General, World Health Organization (WHO);H.E. Mr François Hollande, President of France,  Mr Angel Gurría, Secretary-General, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

President Hollande of France and President Zuma of South Africa, Co-Chairs of High Level WHO Commission on Health Employment and Economic Growth presented its final report to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon at the UN Head Quarters on September 20. Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus is a member of this High Level WHO Commission appointed by the UN Secretary General.

On March 2 of this year, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon announced the appointment of a Commission on Health Employment and Economic Growth tasked with proposing actions to redress inequities, and stimulate and guide the creation of health and social sector jobs for inclusive economic growth.

Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus is one of the commissioners invited by the Director General of WHO Dr Margaret Chan to join the Commission to provide a balance of policy, technical and geographical expertise for the report. Other commissioners include Nobel Laureate in Economics Professor Joseph Stiglitz, Dr Judith Shamian, Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, Chairperson, African Union Commission,  Dr Margaret Chan, Director General of WHO, Ángel Gurría, Secretary General of the OECD and Guy Ryder, Director General of the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

The report was formally handed over to the Secretary General in a formal ceremony in the presence of all members of the Commission at a special meeting  convened at UN Headquarters on September 20 on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly.

International Social Business Forum held in Malaysia , New Yunus Social Business Centre opens in Perak Malaysia

Press Release (04 September, 2016)

Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus is articulating the vision of an ideal social busienss city during the International Social Business Forum in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia on 4 September, 2016. Ipoh is to be announced as the first social business city in Malaysia during the Pangkor Dialogue 2016.Photo: Yunus Centre

Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus was the chief guest at a special one day international social business forum held in Ipoh Malaysia on September 4 organized by MyHarapan, a leading Malaysian youth organization, together with the Chief Minister of Perak Dato Seri DiRaja Dr Zambry Bin Abdul Kadir, on the eve of the Pangkor International Development Dialogue to open in Ipoh on 5 September.

In his address to the forum, Professor Yunus urged the youth to take action, and utilize their innate creative power to become job creators, instead of job seekers Professor Yunus interacted with 150 young people while addressing the 'Perak Youth Assembly' in Ipoh, Perak State on the eve of Pangkor International Dialogue 2016 where he will be the keynote speaker on Monday. He urged the young people to imagine and build their future on their own where there will be no poverty, unemployment and inequality in the society.

Ipoh declared first Social Business City in Malaysia

Press Release

Dato' Zamri Bin Man, Mayor of Ipoh, Perak Malaysia presenting the Social Business City pledge memento to Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus at the Pangkor International Development Dialogue 2016 opening day on 5 September, 2016 witnessed by key stakeholders. Photo: Yunus Centre

A formal joint-declaration was made to make Ipoh as the first Social Business City of Malaysia by the Chief Minister of Perak, Mayor of Perak, CEO of MyHarapan, a youth organization of Malaysia, and Yunus Centre. Ipoh is the capital of Northern Malaysian state of Perak. The declaration came on opening day of the three day long Pangkor International Development Dialogue 2016 being held in Perak, Malaysia from 5-7 September 2016. Ipoh is following the example of social business cities created in other countries.

Earlier on, Sunday 4 September, 2016  Professor Yunus gave recommendations and guidelines to the Perak Social Business City Committee on how Ipoh can become an effective social business city. This committee was created for the preparation and implementation of the project on the eve of the dialogue.

Professor Yunus also delivered the keynote speech at this year’s Pangkor Dialogue which is one of the largest knowledge exchange dialogue in Southeast Asia focusing on Sustainable Development. Over a thousand delegates, including ministerial level delegates from India, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Singapore, Bahrain, and Guinea are attending the conference.

Yunus Social Business Centre established at Kings College London

Press Release

A Yunus Social Business Centre  was launched yesterday at the prestigious King’s College, London (KCL)

An MoU between Yunus Centre and King’s College London, established in 1829 under University of London, was signed on Wednesday to establish the Centre which will focus on promoting social business study research and action within the college among both faculty and students.

Ms Julie Devonshire, OBE, Director of Entrepreneurship Institute at KCL, Anandana Bakshi, Head of Entrepreneurship, KCL; Dr Susan Trenholm, a lecturer on social entrepreneurship; Ed halliday, an accelerator manager of social entepreneurship; and Mr Renad Sheraif, President of KCLEnactus joined the MoU signing ceremony at King’s College in London.  Professor Muhammad Yunus, Ms Lamiya Morshed,  Mr Amir Khashru, joined the meeting on behalf of Yunus Centre. The  signing ceremony was conducted via video conference between London and Dhaka.

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