2nd Social Business Design Lab held at Yunus centre

Professor Muhammad Yunus has opened the 2nd Social Business Design Lab at Yunus Centre on 16 February 2013 with his introductory speech. Participants from different organizations presented four social business plans and they are- development of sustainable small holder dairy farming, notebook/khata binding business based employment opportunity for the disabled, employment and income generation through contract farming by sheep rearing and sanitary products for the underprivileged

The Book on Professor Muhammad Yunus and Grameen Bank is now available in the Book Fair

The book “প্রফেসর মুহাম্মদ ইউনুসের গ্রামীন ব্যাংকের লড়াই”by Selina Siraj and Shipra Chakraborty is now in the market. The book reveals the life and works of Professor Muhammad Yunus, his fight for microcredit for the poor people, his ideas on development, Grameen Bank’s worldwide journey, his thinking for his own country, the recognition he receives and his pioneering idea of social business. ‘Suborno’ publication house brought out the book in the market. The book is now available in the book fair Suborno Prokashoni’s stall.

European University of Tirana Awarded Honorary Doctorate to Professor Muhammad Yunus

my albania1Prof. Muhammad Yunus was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the European University of Tirana in Albania on 22nd January 2013, for his outstanding contribution to poverty reduction in the world through his development and implementation of microfinance as well as for his pioneering work in the field of social business. By accepting the award, Prof. Yunus urged the young people to imagine the seemingly impossible and never think that a problem cannot be solved, since only by imagining that omething can be done, does one even begin to attempt to achieve it. “That’s the human spirit!”said Prof. Yunus.

Professor Muhammad Yunus Launched Social Business in Albania

Professor Muhammad Yunus signed a Memorandum of Understanding for a Vocational Training Social Business Joint Venture with Tirana Business Park (an Albanian investment of the German company Lindner Group) in his first day visit on 21 January 2013 of his three day visits. The ceremony was held at the Tirana Business Park construction site in Albania, in the presence of the Prime Minister of Albania, Sali Berisha. The vocational training centre will provide much-in-demand technical skills to unemployed young people. The centre will initially train new plumbers, electricians and industrial mechanics, with more subjects being added in later years. The school will be sited on the Tirana Business Park campus and will draw on the vast knowledge and expertise of these professions within Tirana Business Park sh.p.k. and its German parent company. Read More>>

Professor Muhammad Yunus talked on Social Business in Denmark

Professor Muhammad Yunus visited Denmark in January 2013 where he attended in a day-long conference as a chief guest on 'Social Business' in Copenhagen. Denmark's Foreign Ministry in cooperation with the Confederation of Danish Industries arranged the conference. The main focus of the conference was to find answers to some of the problems the Scandinavian country faces. Christian Friis Bach, Denmark's Minister for Development Cooperation, was the host of the conference and Crown Princess Mary, who remains engaged with development issues, was also present on the occasion.

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