Professor Muhammad Yunus talked on Social Business in Denmark

Professor Muhammad Yunus visited Denmark in January 2013 where he attended in a day-long conference as a chief guest on 'Social Business' in Copenhagen. Denmark's Foreign Ministry in cooperation with the Confederation of Danish Industries arranged the conference. The main focus of the conference was to find answers to some of the problems the Scandinavian country faces. Christian Friis Bach, Denmark's Minister for Development Cooperation, was the host of the conference and Crown Princess Mary, who remains engaged with development issues, was also present on the occasion.

The conference was inspired by Prof Yunus's concept of social business and specially organized sessions were dedicated to discuss ways for social business to be used as a tool by the Danish government to solve society's problems in the country, and through the Danish government's overseas development program, in other countries.

Muhammad Yunus also gave proposals of how Denmark could use social business to address social challenges within the country, such as social exclusion and youth unemployment.

More than hundred fifty guests including the government leaders, CEOs, media representatives participated in the conference. The participants jointly identified top priorities for social business in development cooperation and social policy, and presented social business plans during the day, on which Prof Yunus gave his inputs and ideas. tellyseries