Social Business Country Forums Held at Mirpur

Academics to Attend Pre Meeting of Social Business Academia Conference tomorrow

29 July, 2017 Dhaka Bangladesh

Concluding plannery session of Country Forum

 Participants of Social Business Day   from different countries today assembled separately at their respective country forums  at the headquarter facilities of various social business companies to review their social business initiatives and prepare plans for coming years. This was part of the Social Business Day program as originally planned for the second day program. Countries which held these country forums  are China, India, Europe, Japan, Malaysia, Latin America and Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands .

Earlier on 28 July the first day program of 7th Social Business Day (SBD) at a city hotel with only the fireign delegates in presence. The theme of the first day was “Can Wealth Concentration be Stopped?”.

The two day Social Business Day celebrations ended with a plenary session of all delegates discussing future directions of social business in all their countries. 

A pre-meeting for the academics and faculty who are attending Social Business Day 2017 will be held tomorrow. It is expected that 120 faculty members from 30 universities around the world will attend to discuss about theoretial aspects of social business. The pre-meeting is designed as a  preparatory meeting for the Social Business Academia Conference that will take place on November 8-9  in Paris . About thirty five peer reviewed papers on social business are expected to be presented at the conference in Paris. tellyseries