Professor Muhammad Yunus Addressed at 3rd Indian Student Parliament in MIT, Pune and 3rd TECHELONS in Nagpur, India

Indian Student Parliament PuneNobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus addressed at 3rd Indian Student Parliament on 12 January, 2013 as a main speaker. The event was jointly organized by the Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT) School of Government and Education Ministry of India. The 3-day conclave of Indian Student Parliament began on 10 January of this month at Pune, India and culminated on 12th January 2013. As many as 12,000 student leaders from all over India participated in the program.

While speaking in the session on Poverty: A Great Terror? Professor Muhammad Yunus extended greetings from Bangladesh, particularly from the youth of Bangladesh. He urged the Indian youth to create their own politics with a new vision for new generation by saying that don't remain under the spell of traditional politics, look to the future, world is changing very fast and the youth have to redesign the institutions to face the new challenge.

He also said that the Indian youth should not think only about India, they should think about all the youth of SAARC countries and urged the Student Parliament organizers to invite students of SAARC countries from next year. This interaction will help us to solve many problems of the SAARC countries and the world. Not knowing something is not always bad. It may be possible that since your mind has not been biased by the established knowledge, it gives you the freedom to think of fresh ideas, he added in his speech.

While talking about poverty he said that poverty is not created by the poor. It is not their fault. Poverty is created by the system, the policies and certain institutions. Schools teach Biology, Physics and History, but they fail to teach us anything about ourselves and our aspirations.

Fourteen National Student wings President of Indian main stream political parties like Congress, BJP, CPM, Jatio Somajbadi Party, VHP etc have been awarded for their contribution in youth leadership and they took crest from the hand of Professor Muhammad Yunus. Dr. Mohan Dharia renowned Indian Freedom Fighter thanked Professor Yunus for his inspiring speech and urged the students to follow his advice to reach the ultimate goal of the students.

Hon. Mr. Omar Abdullah, Chief Minister, State of Jammu & Jashmir, Mr. Nitish Kumar, Honorable Chief Minister of Bihar, Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad MP Rajya Sabha, Ms. Shabana Azmi, Social Activist and Mr. Subash Ghai well known film personality, Mr. Rajib Bajaj, managing director of  Bajaj Auto, Mr. Rajeev Chandrasekhar MP, Rajya Sabha also spoke on that occasion. Prof. Yunus have been invited to speak on this occasion by the Government of Maharashtra.

Later Professor Yunus went to Nagpur to address at the 3rd TECHELONS....Step to pioneer-2013 event jointly organized by PR Pote (Patil) Education & Engineering Institute, Amravati and Department of Science and Technology, Government of India which is started at 12 January and will end at 14 January. TECHELONS is now an important annual event in the educational world in India. It provides an opportunity to beautiful minds for creativity and innovation to build knowledge based society with multiple opportunities. The event is organized every year with an objective to provide a platform to budding beautiful minds to exhibit the talent, technical skills to enrich their competency, to lead the world in the knowledge based 21st century. As a keynote speaker of the event Professor Yunus addressed to over 10,000 student micro finance borrowers. In his speech Professor Yunus said that the youth should not look for his job only. They should have a vision to create job for others. Human being is not a money making machine. Solving problem through Social business should be the aim of the youth. He also shares his experience with a large number of microfinance borrowers who were invited to meet him on the occasion. Some other prominent persons from govt. and non-govt. organizations also addressed in the program. tellyseries